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Window-partner Team Buliding Report

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-11-14      Origin: Site

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Foshan Nanhai Window Aluminum Curtain Track Products Factory (known as it’s brand WINDOW-PARTNER)is one of the Chinese leading aluminum curtain rails manufacturer which is located in Xiqiao Town, Foshan City,Guangdong . On the first day of November,we organized a outdoor development activities with the main theme of "Create brilliance together".

Starting with our production director Mr.Wong’s releaxed speech and the various prizes display,all of us tired our best to win the games.


The first game call One “Circle to the End",which requires team memebers to hold their hands one by one, putting the hula hoop on their hands, and passing it from the first one to the last one. The team that finishes in the shortest time wins the game.

Then comes to the second game which is called "Peach Blossoms Blooming".All colleagues hold hands and walk in a circle while the music plays. When the host name anumber, all players run to find their partner and  hug into a group with the named numbers. Those who cannot find their partners or team memebers with wrong number are out.


Comparing to the interesting games,the lottery part was also quite exciting. The awarding guests drew lacky numbers randomly,and read out the list of lucky stars.Before the lacky namers being known,every of us are quite neverous,and then cheers resounded throughout. Congratulations toall those who got the  generous bonuses and prizes as well.


The happy team building finally ended with game of"Beads Travel Thousands of Miles". Congratulations to the "Eagle Team" for winning the game championship and becoming an outstanding team,and our production director Mr.Wong rewarded the winners.


Last but not least, Window-partner is a professional curtain rails manufacturing factory with energetic employees, enthusiastic service from the sales team, and dedicated after-sales team. Any interest in our items,pls feel free to contact us,we will surly reply you at earliest.